A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Services in Egypt

Real estate is one of the sectors that has been growing steadily in Egypt for the past few years. With its strong potential, this market continues to attract investors and real estate development companies. The value of new construction projects in Egypt increased by almost 20% in 2016, reaching a total value of more than $3 billion. This article will provide an overview of the services and activities related to real estate market in Egypt. We’ll look at real estate agents, architects, property management firms, brokers, developers, and other professionals who are active in this industry. Additionally, we’ll go over the regulatory environment for real estate services as well as essential tips if you are looking to buy or sell property in Egypt.

What is Real Estate?

Real estate is an industry that focuses on the ownership of land as well as the construction on that land. Additionally, it includes the brokerage of the sale and purchase of real estate as well as other services related to the industry. Real estate agents often help people find a home or investment property that meets their needs. Other services include property valuation, property appraisals, and property management.

Real estate agents in Egypt

Real estate agents in Egypt often help people buy or sell a home. These agents are licensed by the Egyptian government and are responsible for all aspects of the transaction. They typically charge a percentage of the sales price based on the type of transaction. In general, the seller of a property is responsible for the real estate agent’s commission.

Architects in Egypt

Architects are responsible for the design of buildings. In many cases, architects will work closely with the client to create an architectural design that fits their needs and preferences. Architects help clients create a construction plan, prepare construction drawings, and review blueprints. Architects in Egypt are responsible for designing and supervising the construction of residential buildings, commercial buildings, and other structures. Architects design buildings to meet the requirements of local authorities. They often specialize in a particular field, such as education, healthcare, or commercial buildings. Architects often work on a freelance basis and are responsible for managing all aspects of the project.

Property management firms in Egypt

Property management companies in Egypt manage the day-to-day aspects of a property for their clients. They often take care of maintenance, tenant screening, and other administrative tasks involved with owning property. Property management firms help property owners maximize their investment by managing the property for them. They often provide other services, such as marketing the property, screening tenants, managing the rental income, and paying property taxes and insurance.

Real estate brokers in Egypt

Real estate brokers help people buy and sell the property. Many brokers charge a fee based on a percentage of the sales price. Brokers often work with both buyers and sellers, and they are required to be licensed by the Egyptian government.

Developers in Egypt

Developers are responsible for buying land and constructing a variety of buildings. They often buy land that is not yet occupied and build residential, commercial, and industrial buildings on that land. Developers may also buy a finished property and resell it. Developers often specialize in a particular type of construction. They may focus on commercial, industrial, or residential construction. Developers often hire architects and engineers to design the building and create construction drawings for the project.


Real estate is one of the most important sectors in Egypt. Both investors and homeowners are attracted to this industry, which is expected to continue growing in the coming years. With its strong potential, this market will likely continue to attract new investment in real estate development companies.

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